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At C2 Plumbing our expert roofers can help you with any roofing installation, maintenance or repair work at your home or business. Our expertise means we can take care of work related to your roofing, steel roofing, flashings, downpipes, rainwater systems, rainwater collection stations, gutters and associated systems.

We have many years experience in carrying out roofing work for our residential and commercial clients in The Central Coast communities and also within Newcastle. If there is a problem with your roof or guttering that cannot wait, call our emergency number for assistance. For non urgent work, you can book an appointment with us.
Roof Leaks — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Roof Leaks

A roof leak is a serious problem you should never ignore. It's distressing to know that water is dripping into your home or business and the leak can create even more serious issues. For instance, moisture getting inside the building can result in mould and mildew developing. The leak could deteriorate so badly that water compromises the foundation of your structure.

Do not let a leak in your roof get any worse, even the most harmless of leaks can become major if left unattended. C2 Plumbing can help. We can take care of leaks in any commercial or residential roof including steel roofs. Provide us with specific information about your roof so our specialists bring the tools necessary to perform efficient and thorough repair work.
Roof installation — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Roof Installations

One of the most common reasons we are hired is to fix work that was done incorrectly the first time. At C2 Plumbing we have repaired roofs for commercial and residential clients in the region for years. If your roof was previously installed incorrectly, we can fix any mistakes and make sure your roof last for decades.
Rain water system — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Rainwater Systems

Do you have a rainwater collection system at your home or business? These systems are becoming very popular on the Central Coast as well as in the Newcastle area, because you can use the rainwater to water your plants, grass and other outdoor vegetation. However, these systems can develop issues that require professional help to resolve. We can install, maintain and repair rainwater systems.
Gutters — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW


While a roof leak is a huge concern, clogged gutters also require urgent attention. It's not quite an emergency but if the water is not draining out of your gutters you will eventually have a much bigger problem. C2 Plumbing can come to your location, get onto your roof and find out what is causing the blockage. We'll resolve the issue and carry out additional repairs if necessary.

If you are experiencing any issue with your roofing, rainwater or guttering systems, call C2 Plumbing today.