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C2 Plumbing is the trusted plumber you can call when you need installation, maintenance or repair services for your plumbing fixtures and systems. We have the experience and training to manage anything from blocked drains to leaking pipes to overflowing toilets.

While C2 Plumbing is a small business, we have decades of experience in the industry. We also keep up with the latest technologies and techniques to make sure you are getting the best services when you hire us.

Our servicing provides efficient and permanent resolution to any plumbing problems at your home or business. Our licensed and insured business can take care of your plumbing, roofing and gas fitting needs. Whether you need help with your hot water system, bathroom plumbing C2 Plumbing can help.
Bathroom — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Installations and Renovations

A lot of our work centres around routine plumbing maintenance and repairs but we also help clients with their new plumbing installation and renovation projects. If you are building a new home on a vacant block of land, we can work with your contractors to make sure state of the art internal plumbing fixtures are set up before you move into the house.

We also specialise in kitchen, bathroom and other home renovations. If for instance, you want to move your dishwasher, tap or some other kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we can carry out the relevant work for water pipes and plumbing fixtures. At C2 Plumbing we can also upgrade and replace your toilets, taps, showers and other fixtures with more energy efficient and durable models.
Water Leaks — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Water Leaks

A common problem at homes and for businesses throughout Newcastle and The Central Coast, is leaking taps and showers. The constant dripping of water is annoying and costly and you will pay for all that wasted water on your next water bill.

Many of our clients ask us why their water bill is higher even though their usage has not changed. It's because a leak is present somewhere. Some leaks are so slow you can barely hear the water dripping unless there is complete silence but those leaks can add up to a lot of wasted water.
Plumber repairing toilet — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Clogged or Leaking Toilets

A toilet that continually clogs may be an indication of a serious issue. The toilet or some of the mechanism could be damaged and in need of replacement. Whether it's a one-off clog or a regular occurrence, we can help resolve the situation.

Other plumbing services offered by C2 Plumbing include sewer, stormwater, rainwater and related pumps and stations, roof plumbing, backflow & TMW testing, pre-purchase building inspections, plumbing advisory services, problem solving and management and project management. We also create hydraulic design concepts for commercial clients.