Hot Water System Newcastle


If you're ever in a situation where you jump into the shower and notice there is no hot water coming out of the tap - even after a minute of waiting.

It's a frustrating position to be in, imagine having to have cold showers for days or weeks at a time. That can happen if you don't get your hot water system fixed by a professional. At C2 Plumbing we offer specialised hot water installation, maintenance and repair services to our residential and commercial clients in Newcastle and surrounding Central Coast communities.
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Hot Water Plumbing

Most people assume if they are not getting any hot water it's because their whole system is broken. The truth is even a minor issue within the hot water mechanism or associated plumbing could lead to hot water issues. It could be that a small part has worn out over time and replacing that part will bring your system back to full operation.

Two common hot water plumbing problems can leave you without hot water. These problems are low hot water pressure and no hot water supply. If you notice very little or no hot water is flowing when you turn on the shower, it does not necessarily indicate your water heater is broken, it could indicate an issue with sediment buildup or leaking pipes.

At C2 Plumbing we investigate every possibility. Firstly, our technician will examine your water heater. It's imperative that we find out whether it's heating water normally. If we can see your water heater is functioning correctly, we then move on to other aspects of the hot water system.

These other aspects include the pipes that are delivering hot water from the water heater and water supply to your taps and showers. A leak or buildup of sediment in these systems can mean losing all hot water supply. Regardless of the issue, the experts at C2 Plumbing will resolve it permanently and efficiently.
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Hot Water Installations and Replacements

As mentioned above, most hot water system problems are minor and quickly resolved. However, you could be in the unfortunate situation of your gas or electric water heater being beyond repair. It could be that the system is no longer working and you need a replacement.

In that case, C2 Plumbing will point you in the direction of an affordable and high-performance replacement water heater. We can buy the water heater on your behalf and install it at your house, apartment or business.

Call C2 Plumbing for complete hot water system installations, maintenance and repairs in Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and Newcastle areas.