At some point or another everyone deals with a blocked drain in their home.

It’s never fun and it’s so tempting to do the job on your own.

blocked drains in Newcastle aren’t always appropriate for a do it yourself job. There are several reasons why undergoing work yourself isn’t recommended.

If you need help, it’s better to call the experts here at
C2 Plumbing where we have experienced plumbers who can unblock any drain safely.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do it yourself. 

Harmful Chemicals

There are many products sold at home improvement stores that can be used to unblock the drains in your home.

However, they are full of harsh chemicals, which poses many issues for your plumbing system. Those chemicals can cause damage to your pipes, especially if you use them often.

Even those products that claim they’re safe in your drains might not be so it’s always better to let the professionals handle the job. 

The Wrong Tools

You probably don’t keep professional plumbing tools in your home, which is why it makes more sense to let us unblock your drains.

Using the wrong equipment can damage your pipes and drains, which could lead to other costly problems.

You could end up needing to replace the pipe, which can cost a lot more money than simply calling us to unblock the drain.

A Deep Clog

Sometimes the blockage in your drain may be too far away to safely unblock on your own.

If it’s moved away from the drain itself, it may take a professional piece of equipment to get to.

You might also find that the problem is roots from outside or issues with the sewer, which you should never attempt to fix on your own.

This can be dangerous and lead to bigger problems so always let us do it for you.

How to Prevent a Drain Clog

Instead of waiting until you have a blocked drain to think about your pipes, make sure you prevent a blockage in the first place.

Never flush anything except human waste and toilet tissue down the drain.

Never put coffee grounds, oil, grease, eggshells, pasta, rice or bones in the sink drains.

Keep the drains clear by regularly flushing them with baking soda and vinegar, then very hot water. 

If you find yourself with a clogged drain, call C2 Plumbing and we’ll give you a free quote for fixing the problem.