Toilet on the fritz? Some homeowners don’t realise that there are steps they can take in order to stop a toilet from leaking. Not only does this stop the bathroom from becoming flooded, it also stops dollars from going down the drain. In this blog article, our Newcastle plumbers share some of the industry tips on how to fix a running toilet.  


A leaking toilet is usually caused by a faulty valve or flapper. These are both located inside the tank (below the flush button on the outside).


Shut off the water supply valve (under the toilet). Then turn on the water and look inside the tank to determine if the water is rising to a point when it is draining into the overflow point. If this is happening, it means the fill valve needs cleaning.

Ensuring the water is turned off, proceed to flush the toilet. Then, reach into the tank and lift up the float cup and grip the grey shaft. Make sure you hold it in that position. With your left hand, grab the cap and place your thumb on the plastic arm. From there, twist the cap and the plastic arm in a counterclockwise motion. Ensure the cap is pressed down and that you’re making a quick twisting motion.

Now, lift cap and move away from valve body. Then, grab a cap and hold it upside down over the valve opening and turn on the water for 15 seconds. Make sure you look inside the valve to ensure no debris is left inside.

Once this is done, place the cap back on the valve. Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet.

Still not working? Call our Newcastle plumbers and we’ll get it sorted!


If the tank is full of water, turn off the water at the supply valve (under the toilet). Take a mental note of the current level of the water then wait 10 to 15 minutes to determine if the water is draining down from the level. If this is the case, the flapper needs to be replaced.

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Fixing a running toilet can sometimes be a DIY task. There are several steps to take in order to stop the leaking. If your toilet is still running, get in touch with C2 Plumbing today. Our Newcastle plumbers are available round the clock for plumbing emergencies.  

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