Blocked Drains Newcastle


Having a blocked drain can be a frustrating and unhygenic experience. Dirty water can build up in the kitchen sink, potentially overflowing or pools of water can sit in the bottom of the shower, refusing to drain.

Those issues are incredibly frustrating but can often be fixed simply. Call the experts at C2 Plumbing, based in Balcolyn, we will find out why the drain is blocked and will fix the cause.

Our blocked drain services will get you back on track in no time! We have the right drain clearing solution for you, regardless of the location or extent of the blockage. Whether it's a situation where your drain is taking a lot of time to clear the water or it's not draining anything, we can take care of it.
Plumber working on drainage — Plumbing in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Drainage Solutions

Some of the common signs of drain problems include a gurgling drain pipe, sinks that take a little longer than usual to drain and a persistent bad odour in your bathroom or kitchen. These are all issues that could indicate something is wrong with your drain. It's best to give our plumbers a call, we can bring the right tools to find out the cause of the issue.

At C2 Plumbing we guarantee you affordable, efficient and long term solutions. We don't believe in short term fixes, especially for drainage problems.
Our plumbers will find the cause of your blocked drain. It could be some food or something else you are pushing through your drain or garbage disposal that is clogging things up. It could also be because of old fixtures you have that need replacing.

If you are experiencing any issues with the drainage systems at your apartment, house or business, call C2 Plumbing for help in Newcastle and The Central Coast. We will use the latest and safest techniques to have your drainage systems operating flawlessly in no time!